Why the Lowball Offer from my Insurance Company?

Here are three reasons why the settlement offer from your insurance company may be too low:


When a devastating event occurs and you suffer damage to your property, insurance companies will send independent adjusters, many of whom may be unfamiliar with Florida’s unique construction methods and stringent building codes. Consequently, they routinely overlook significant damages that make up your claim. As such, the estimates produced by these adjusters will not account for the much higher cost to build in Florida.


Adjusters hired by insurance carriers are trained to ask you pointed questions designed to minimize or deny your insurance claim. They utilize a software program developed by the insurance industry, called Xactimate®, to adjust your claim. This program was developed by the insurance industry to save them money, not you. The estimates produced by this program do not provide a true and accurate dollar amount required to rebuild your home or business to its pre-hurricane or disaster condition.


Additionally, these adjusters may have a selfish motive and be incentivized to rush through your claim to maximize the amount of money they can generate while handling an abundance of claims at once.

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